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Sanity Unlimited Recordings

DJ Barney


SUR is a NetLabel that releases dj mixes and original tracks under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial license. See the "Rights" section for rights and copyright information. Please include details of SUR and the license if using or redistributing the material on this label.

SUR History

SUR was seeded in the early 1990's. I went to some parties in London Coldcut, and Mixmaster Morris. I also become involved in the dance music / free party scene. The 80's were over. Soon the crumbling edifices of the Cold War would come crashing down. The 80's was supposed to be the "greed decade" and yet it culminated in the end of the Cold War. Surely we were doing something right ? I spent the 80's listening to Top 40 pop music hits. Music that I still find nostalgic. A lot of it actually has very clever pop melodies .... of course, intended to get you hooked. To sell the record. Then came Rave. Drop the drugs, and something big was happening. Some call it the "Harmonic Convergence", others a dissatisfaction in society with depressing ways of living. Around this time the International Space Station started taking shape. Our first orbital presence in space ... that we know of. In fact one band was called "Orbital", even if it was a homage to the M25.

So, presently SUR is a collection of mixes I started doing in the mid 1990's. It is also where tracks created by me turn up. The future ? Who knows what might happen, but I'd like to see SUR become more than just me. Are there other struggling musicians out there ?

SUR / DJ Barney on MySpace. DJ Barney Web Portal.

DJ Barney

All SUR Releases


SUR00001 - DJ Barney - Notes From The Edge - *DELETED*

SUR00012 - DJ Barney - Dub MisterTicToc Mix (1997) - Dub/Ecletic.

SUR00004A / SUR00004B - DJ Barney - Combat Sucks - Miss Piggy Strikes Back - Hip Hop Mix, Part 1, Part 2.

SUR00005 - DJ Barney - Space Hop 1999 - Hip Hop Mix

SUR00006 - DJ Barney - A Whole Lot Of SuperStars - Hip Hop Mix

SUR00007 - DJ Barney - Grindin', Sweaty and Dirty (NOT NICE) - Drum & Bass Mix

SUR00008 - DJ Barney - Lift It Up Mix - Aphex Twin, Planetary Assault Systems And Various

SUR00009 - DJ Barney Mix - This World Is Going Mad But Eye See A Way Out

ORIGINAL MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS Please note. These are recording representative of proto-development of compositions from a few years ago. Although I regard them as valuable they are not representative of work I currently have in production (as of 2013).

SUR00002 - DJ Barney - Breath

SUR00003 - DJ Barney - Active Record

SUR00008 - DJ Edi And DJ Barney Track - Diag Gnostic

SUR00009 - DJ Barney - So Farscape - Frell Me Live

SUR00010 - DJ Barney - Whales Weep Not

SUR00011 - DJ Barney and DJ Edi - This is the Beginning

Date Archived
SUR00007 A rough (as in the feel) mix of mainly drum and bass 45's played at about half speed (33) for a new style of slowed down d&b that sounds like bass heavy hip hop! You wouldn't believe the journey this little 'ol tape has been's been played too many times, has had coffee spilled on it...was repaired MULTIPLE times when the tape snapped (with cellotape!)..and it STILL sounds OK! Maybe because it originally started life as a good quality chrome tape. Prepare for a Journey...
Topics: Slow Drum and Bass, Bruce Lee, Green
Sanity Unlimited Recordings
by DJ Barney
SUR00005 A fresh, inspiring hip hop mix with a blend of abstract and fuller tracks with vocals. DJ Barney on MySpace. DJ Barney Portal. Email: barney[underscore]holmes[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk Yahoo IM: barney_holmes
Topics: Hip Hop, Mix, DJ
SUR00004A This is a mix I did using the "DJ Tools" record series and various scratched in samples. Deck'ology, Mix'ology, Hip Hop, call it what you will. YES! Miss Piggy is really in there! Part 2...Strikes Back! DJ Barney on MySpace. DJ Barney Portal. Email: djbarney[at]djbarney[dot]org
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Hip Hop, Mix, DJ, Decks
Source: Tape
Sanity Unlimited Recordings
by Barney Holmes - DJ Barney
SUR00006 This is a mix I actually did in the late 90's, but with Hip Hop that , I believe, still sounds as fresh as the way it did then. Or is that because of the way I mixed it? New scratches by me. It contains a Shirley Bassey track as well as some unusual tracks, and is generally not your average "guns and bitches" hip-hop check it out if you think hip hop is just angry people swearing. I lost the track listing...for the moment. DJ Barney on MySpace. DJ Barney Portal....
Topics: Hip Hop, Mix, DJ, Decks
Source: Tape
This is in celebration of Art Bell returning to the air waves with his new show Dark Matter in September 2013 -
Topics: ufos, lights, paranormal, art bell, radio, interview, chill out, ambient
SUR00004B Miss Piggy is Back ! Hip Hop / Various Mix, includes "Midnight in a Perfect World" by DJ Shadow. Scratches by me. A continuation of the saga started in Part One. DJ Barney on MySpace. DJ Barney Portal.
Topics: Hip Hop, Mix, Miss Piggy
Sanity Unlimited Recordings
by DJ Barney
SUR00012 Track Listing Revolutionary Dub Warriors - Mystic (Remix) Jah Shaka (New Testaments of Dub Pt. 1) - Promise Dub LSDiezel - Edidat Zion train (Conscious Sounds 12") - Zion Ring Cabaret Voltaire - Exterminating Angel (Album) ?? Cabaret Voltaire - Let's Start (Album) ?? Sourmash - Pilgramage to Paradise (Hardfloor mix) Pressure of Speech (Art of the State) - Thomp DJ Barney on MySpace. DJ Barney Portal. Email: barney[underscore]holmes[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk Yahoo IM: barney_holmes
Topics: dj, mix, dub, freestyle
Sanity Unlimited Recordings
by DJ Barney
Hip Hop / Various Mix. This is possibly one of the best mixes I have done. Recorded after returning from San Francisco, sometime after 1994, it has a warm up and then goes into some very lazy ass hip hop/breaks indeed ! I'm still cooking up a track list but tracks are from Dope on Plastic compilation, Various ‎– Headz (A Soundtrack Of Experimental Beathead Jams), and Depth Charge - Nine Deadly Venoms.
Topics: mix, hip hop
A mix by me, DJ Barney. This is an eclectic mix using techno and ambient. Features: Pitch perfect matching between techno and ambient tracks. There are some minor "mistakes" but who cares ? Actually I think that adds to the artistic work here, perfection is the enemy. Tracks are taken from Planetary Assault Systems - The Electric Funk Machine, Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II and various.
Topic: techno, ambient, mix, aphex, planetary assault systems
Sanity Unlimited Recordings
by DJ Barney
Recorded in 2002 this is an Oldskool techno track that has been trapped in my archives for years. 303, 808 and 909. This was recorded live (no Cubase!) using minimal pre prepared sequences on Rebirth. It really shows what Rebirth can do and shows it's not a toy. Some late 90's techno rave party goers may have flash backs to dark throbbing atmospheres of obscure techno mixes in remote barns.
Topic: techno oldskool 303 808 909
A Hip Hop and turntableism mix with some scratching. Tracks are from between 1995 to 2003.
Topic: Hip hop, turntables, mix, dj
From before 2003 (somewhere between 2001 and 2003) this is one of my first digital mixes. Loop based. Really shows the possibilities of non-linear mixing. This is not a traditional mix. Tracks taken from here - ... track list will be added later.
Topic: mix digital yesmamma
Ambient to breaks mix
Topics: ambient, breaks, mix
House into breaks / Hip Hop
Topics: house, mix, breaks, hip hop, dj
Hip Hop and breaks with various mixing innovations and creation !
Topics: hip hop, break beat, dj, mix